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A short report for you guys this week as it has been a quiet week in the ski industry. COVID numbers are rising, counties and states are starting to go back into lockdown, and we are all wondering how this will impact the upcoming season.

Michigan is joining the East Coast and the West in the 2020/21 ski season this week. Alpine Valley, Pine Knob, Mount Holly, and the Boyne USA resorts are open, with Nubs Nob joining this weekend.

Face Masks: Which Ones Are Best For Skiing?

Clay Malott over at put together a great write up on which masks are great for this season. You can check that out here. The short story: the buff/gaiter you are used you wearing are not going to cut it as a COVID face mask. Duke University posted a study showing these masks aerosolize the droplets, making them easier to inhale through others’ masks.

The right choice is to double layer your mask. If you aren’t sure whether your mask is up to snuff, here is a little test.

  • Put on your mask and light a candle or match.

  • Hold the flame about 6 inches away from your face.

  • Blow hard at the candle.

    The harder it is to blow the candle out, the better your mask is.

Let’s please all ensure we have adequate masks this season.

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Vail Resorts Sued for $100 Million

Vail Resorts is being sued for alleged repeated violation of federal labor laws. “Vail Resorts has exploited plaintiffs and thousands of other seasonal employees in violation of federal and state labor laws for years, and these egregious practices continue to be present.” The 167-page lawsuit alleges that Vail knowingly failed to compensate plaintiffs and thousands of other similarly situated employees at their relevant hourly rate for all time worked. We will keep an eye on this and follow up as the suit proceeds.

Lake Tahoe Closes to Vacation Travel:

If you were planning on heading to Tahoe, you’ll need to make some alternate plans. Tahoe is closed, hoping to get COVID rates under control for the upcoming holiday season.

In Better News:

The Mountain Why: Cody Townsend chirped me on Twitter but he’s still one of my favorite skiers. In his new project, he and Michelle Parker embark on a thousand-mile bike-to-ski journey that changes them forever and reminds them why they do what they do. Definitely worth a watch.

Ride Free: Out of Minds: My first pair of twin tips were Rossis. Ride Free: Out of Minds takes me back to being a kid, learning how to ride switch, playing video games, and gets me fired up for some powder turns this season at the same time.

Wanted to feature a little throwback for you guys. Warren Miller’s Black Diamond Rush was released in 1993 (the year I was born) and features a young 16 year old Seth Morrison.

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