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The 2020/2021 ski season is right around the corner being the perfect time to launch the Groomer’s Report. Groomer’s Report will bring you up to date information regarding the states we love to ski in, industry related news, and content to fuel your inner ski bum. Follow us on twitter and subscribe for up-coming ski industry content!


Once the season fires up, we will bring up to date snow and weather reports for major areas around the United States. So far, most of the snow in the area is coming from the guns (see below).


States and resorts are slowly rolling out their COVID protocol for the upcoming season. Check back weekly for updates as they roll out:

COLORADO: The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment issued a 12 page report detailing the COVID-19 guidance for ski areas and resorts. The Brave Ski Mom gives the highlights in one of her recent posts.

UTAH: SkiUtah.com has a great breakdown of how the state will handle the 2020-21 Winter Operations. The site features up-to-date information regarding each resort, the status of the resort, whether ski reservation/advance ticket purchases are required and more.

Montana / California / Midwest / East Coast to come in future posts.


Pictured above are the CalWood and Lefthand Canyon fires. The CalWood fire has grown to more than 9,900 acres and destroyed at least 26 homes in the area. The Lefthand Canyon Fire is the smaller of the two fires, currently holding at 460 acres with containment rising rapidly.

The East Troublesome fire is located near Grimes Park on the Arapahoe National Forest. The fire is growing at a rapid pace, expanding over 100,000 acres overnight while only being 5% contained. We are praying for Mother Nature to drop some early season snow to help combat the burn.


Arapahoe Basin, Loveland, and Keystone have all fired up the snow guns, kicking off the annual race to be the first resort in Colorado to open for the 2020/2021 season! Last year Abay managed to sneakily win first place. Looking forward to seeing who takes the crown this year.

Snowbasin and Breckenridge are the most recent resorts to join the party. We are stoked to see snow back on the slopes!


Eric Pollard has decided to leave Line to start his own ski and snowboard company, Season Eqpt. The new company is producing skis and snowboard for the 2020/2021 season and giving away new gear every week until the winter solstice to help spread the word.

Pollard spent 21 years with the brand, challenging the limits of ski design along the way. Season Eqpt. will focus on ski design, as EP has for his career, looking to increase the longevity of hard goods in the industry

“I want equipment that is designed to span multiple seasons, years, decades. Let me know how we did in 2040” - Austin Smith, Co-Founder/Creator

Check out this article from Field Mag.


Mark Smiley’s MTN Sense offers an extensive set of online courses for skiers and climbers. The website has course offerings that teach touring techniques, ski mountaineering skills, and backcountry navigation just to name a few. New for this season is “A Comprehensive Guide to Avalanche Safety” designed for recreational backcountry skiers. Check it out before you head to the backcountry this season.


With the news of EP leaving Line, check out his edit from last year “Drawn From Here”

FREESKIER.com posted a sweet powder filled edit featuring Teal and Hole Harle shredding at Revelstoke.

Ski and snowboard fanatics alike all know the legendary Warren Miller. I thought it would be fitting to have a Warren Miller film featured as our inaugural "Trailer of the Week.” Future Retro releases next month.

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