Ski Season is here!

Well... for Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek Ski Area is open, officially starting the 2020/2021 Season in Colorado!

In this edition:

  • Weather Update: Farmers Almanac winter forecast

  • The Good: Colorado is open!

  • The Rad: Give'r makes some rad gloves right in Jackson, WY

  • The Gnarly: Been on the couch all summer? You might need these…

  • Videos you should watch

A quick update: The snow over the weekend has put a damper on the fires burning in Colorado. Hopefully more cold weather and snow will extinguish them fully. Find the update here.

WEATHER UPDATE: 2020-2021 Winter Outlook

The farmers over at have release their outlook for the upcoming season.

The Midwest: Midwest friends, you guys are looking at a mild winter temperature wise, however, it should be pretty wet. Snow Dumps in NoMi, the UP, and upper Wisconsin. Could be a good year to rent a yurt over at Mount Bohemia.

High Plains (Bismark to Billings to Denver to Amarillo): Pretty similar report to the Midwest. Milder in temps but looking like it will be an above average snow year. This is great news for all you Denver locals - praying for a heavy summit county snow year!

PNW: Is the PNW ever not wet? Winter temps and precipitation will be close to normal- looking most of your snow coming in the heart of the season (Jan and Feb.)

Inter-Mountian (Spokane down to Flagstaff, Reno to SLC): You guys are looking at a near normal snowfall, and a milder winter overall.

If you aren’t lucky to live near the mountains, remember to plan ahead this year. Reservations are needed at a lot of resorts and you’ll want to keep up-to-date on the covid plan for wherever you plan on traveling.

THE GOOD - Opening Day Is HERE!

Colorado: Wolf Creek took first place in the race to open in Colorado this year. Abay, Loveland, and Keystone are now competing to be the first in Summit County. Keystone announced an anticipated opening of 11/6.

(Source: Colorado Ski)

Utah: The Utes are setting up for a pretty nice Thanksgiving week - earn the extra stuffing with a few turns this year.


Montana: Our Montana friends, looks like you guys will have to wait till December to get the planks out.

(Source: OnTheSnow)

THE RAD: Glove Love

Whether you rock gloves or mittens, we are sure that you will love the Frontier Mittens or the 4-Season Gloves by Give'r. I was gifted a pair of the 4-Season Gloves a few years back and have been pitching them ever since. 100% waterproof all-leather glove, optional all-natural wax coating, 40 gm Thinsulate insulation lining. These gloves will do everything you want and more. This video shows that I mean…

And no, we aren’t getting paid to say this. We just love these gloves. On an average day, my gloves keep my hands warm while I bring in wood for the wood stove, keep them protected while I stoke the fire, and keep them toasty warm from first chair to last call. If you want gloves that can do it all, give ‘em a look.

THE GNARLY: Workouts to get you off the couch

The pandemic put a lot of us on the couch… for a very long time. If you are like us, you have spent more time thinking about working out, than actually working out. Luckily for you, its not too late to get in shape for the season.

Skiing and snowboarding requires us to use our entire body. Lower body strength and core are obvious, however, upper body strength is important for maintaining proper form, and resisting injury in the event you take a spill.

We will want to start with some dynamic work. This will help us warm up our joints and increase our core temp. Start off with some leg swings, some simple air squats, arm windmills and some easy twists at the waist. This will get the full body moving and ready (hint: this is also good to do the morning before you head out on the mountain).

For the first two weeks, no equipment will be needed. We suggest manipulating air squats, push ups, walking lunges and jumping jacks in various different rep schemes. 21-15-9, 50 sets of 10 reps, or 10 sets of 10 reps. The goal is to get your blood flowing and your body moving.

If you hate running, don’t worry we do too. Long walks are great to keep your body primed for the up coming season, and an easy way to get off the couch.

If you want to dive into running, we highly suggest it. Throw on your favorite ski playlist and just dream of being on the mountains. Its amazing what you can crank out when you are off in a skiing day dream. We like to hit 5 - 10 minutes of running, followed by a few block walk, followed by another 5 - 10 minutes running.

Last thing. Mobility is incredibly important. Skiing (especially if you are sending it) can wear your body and joints down. Try to get in the routine of stretching out your lower back, hips, and lower body a few times a week. You will be amazed how much better you feel once the season hits.

Remember, keep it easy these first few weeks. We will start throwing out some more intense workouts as we get closer to the season. If you want to plan ahead, we suggest ordering a jump rope (any will do) and some fitness bands (we have these).


North Country tells the story of a family shop that put a community on skis. After 100 years, the Lahout’s shop is still open, and moving onto its fourth generation. An incredible production and reminder to break away from the hashtags, and dive into some history. “Put the god damn skis on and go like hell”

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