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We hope you enjoy another break from real life, a true chance to dive into the ski and snowboard industry and out of the world we live in (unless you are lucky and work in the ski industry, then uh… good morning).

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Here is a pic of Veronica Paulsen sending a huge backflip into Corbet’s last year…

In this weeks Groomer’s Report:

  • An Abbreviated History of Modern Ski Technology

  • The Unspoken Rules of Powder Skiing — seems like they are spoken now (?)

  • Indy Pass Updates

  • Summit Country Approves Winter Operation Plans

  • Park City Prepares to Open

An Abbreviated History of Modern Ski Technology:

REI’s Co-op Journal posts some pretty great stories regarding outdoor activities, gear, etc. In this post from 2017 Megan Michelson gives the history of modern ski technology, dating back over 150 years. We hit the highlights here:

  • 8,000 BC: the earliest record of people gliding on snow. Cave drawings showed ancient humans using something resembling skis.

  • 1850: Wood carvers in Telemark, Norway, build the first pair of cambered skis. Historians credit a farm laborer with building the first heel strap binding.

  • 1947: Howard Head dreamed up the first commercially viable aluminum-laminate skis, called the Head Standard. These skis came to be after Howard had a frustrating day learning to ski on wooden planks.

  • 1965: Lange’s plastic ski boots appeared for the first time in REI’s 1965 catalog. Americans Bob Lange and David Luensmann popularized the first plastic boot shell.

  • 1988: Atomic tasked Robert Huber to come up with a better powder ski. Huber subsequently sawed a snowboard in half and put bindings on it. This model became known as the Atomic Powder Magic.

  • 1997: Mike Douglas, the godfather of freeskiing, made a promo video detailing his vision for the first twin tip and the Salomon Teneighty was born.

  • 2001: Shane McConkey worked with Volant to create the first ski with reverse sidecut and reverse camber. By 2006, rockered skis like the K2 pontoon became cult favorites.

  • What do you think the future of skiing will look like? Skis got wider and wider, with new technology introduced (mustache rocker??). We have a feeling the 90mm - 105mm underfoot range will continue to dominate as more people look for the one ski quiver.

Full story here.

11 Unspoken Rules of Powder Skiing:

Outside Magazine put up a post early this year titled “The 11 Unspoken Rules of Powder Skiing Some of our favorites are:

  1. Apologize to your loved ones in advance: With more and more powder skiers in the mountains (thanks to fat skis and mega passes) competition for untracked snow is fierce. “We behave recklessly, like rutting elk.”

  2. Wear whatever the hell you like: Furry costume? Sure. Blue jean? why not. Just get out there and have some fun.

  3. Whoop, but don’t yee-haw: we love getting stoked for people, cheering you on from the chairlift. We even love the occasional “whoop” after a face shot, but theres no need to scream your way down the mountain.

Comment below and share some of your pow day rules!

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Alright alright now for some serious updates:


The Indy Pass is a $199 (only until Nov. 30) season pass giving riders access to a whopping 59 resorts across North America. This year 15 new resorts have joined the pass, making it worth checking out. SkiMag did a great write up on the pass for those of you wanting to dive in.

Summit County Ski Areas’ Approved Winter Operation Plans:

The Summit Daily posted an article noting that the county’s four ski areas have finalized their operation plans for this winter. The plans were vetted by local and state public health departments before the resorts were permitted to open for the season. This article is worth checking out if you are heading to that area this season. However, cases are on the rise in Summit County. We are hoping this won’t impact the season.

Park City Mountain Prepares to Open: What to Expect

  • Opening Day: PCM is planning for opening day this Friday with runs off of Payday and First Time lifts at the Park City Mountain Village, and off of Saddleback and High Meadow lifts out of Canyons Village.

  • Reservations are required to the Epic reservation system… we hope the wait isn’t too long

  • PCM will be running with a decreased capacity when it comes to dining. You may access Time to Dine through the EpicMix app to book a meal reservation, or a table to warm up at.

  • Uphill travel will be allowed from 6:00PM to 8:00AM

More from Ski Utah here.

Last week our post was titled The Year of Reservations... this week those reservations are filling up:

We REALLY hope you weren’t planning on parking at Snowbird this season… might need to jump in someones truck bed to get a ride to the mountain on the weekends

Trailer Time:

This is the story about skiers without backpacks and beacons, the skiers who shred in bounds. This is a celebration of bumps, groomers, big airs, secret stashes and ripping turns with friends at the Big One.

Blank Canvas is a short film that celebrates the conscious choice to follow your heart. Anchored by Elena Hight, a 2X Olympian and X Games champion, Blank Canvas features legends old and new sharing their wisdom with this boarder.