Merry Christmas - Groomer's Report

Merry Christmas!

Welcome back to Groomer’s Report, where we have a bring you fresh ski news. We will keep it short this week so you can focus on spending time with your family, but we wanted to update you on the weather, some cool stories, and rad videos to get you ready to hit the slopes!

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PNW/SIERRAS: Enjoy your presents because come morning on the 26th it is go time. Snow is moving in tonight (Friday) with the heavy stuff favoring the northern Sierra Ranges. Looking at an overnight turn of 9-12 inches. The models show the highest amounts south of Crystal towards White Pass and the Oregon boarder.

COLORADO: Looking into next week, some Tuesday morning powder is possible for most of the west. Most of Colorado will benefit with some moisture pushing north, favoring the resorts along or south of I-70. Hopefully you have your reservations in for the Epic resorts.

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The Buff you need:

Our friends at Buff offer a whole line of filtered products to keep you, and others safe while you ride this season. I just picked up the Buff Filter Tube for this season. We are planning on doing a full review on this product, but wanted to blast it out to you guys in the meantime. The buff comes with replaceable 3-layer filters that blocks 98% of bacterial filtration efficiency, so you can make sure you are staying safe while on the slopes. Stay tuned for a full review next week.

Lift Ticket Mania:

We all know that resorts “out west” have been home to insane day pass prices. As single day passes breach $200, the mega pass system is becoming more enticing. However, this season we have seen the insane price spread to the east coast. Killington leads the reigon with $165 top ticket price on peak days. This is a 31% jump over last years top. Our friend, and fellow substack ski newsletter dropped a full breakdown for you all. It is a great read and we highly suggest you check it out.

The Storm Skiing Journal & Podcast

Finally, here are some videos to keep you stoked after unwrapping presents. Made In Voyage details a few ski junkies and their travels in a 60’s bus.

Chris Benchetler has been dropping some insane lines for years. His smooth style is always pleasing to watch.

Thank you guys for checking back in to Groomer’s Report! We truly appreciate the early support and are excited to bring updates as the season progresses. Be on the look out for future editions, and potentially some gear (hats, stickers, etc) coming soon!

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