A Blessing From Mother N


Needless to say this has been an incredible week. The snow is starting to fall in the mountains, skiers and riders alike are starting to get out for their first laps, and our ski fever is through the roof - praying it’s not the ‘rona.

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In this edition:

  • The Good: BIG storms hitting out west

  • The Rad: Epic and Ikon opened their reservations systems

  • The Gnarly: Henrik Harlaut’s “Salute” is live!


If you are planning on heading up to Jackson this season, JHMR announced its plan to operate the Aerial Tram for the upcoming season, under certain guidelines:

  • Max capacity is 25 plus one operator instead of the usual 100

  • All windows and vents will remain open to allow for maximum airflow

  • Tram cabins will be cleaned/disinfected hourly

  • Guests will be required to wear face coverings at all time


We know a lot of you are going to head to the backcountry this season. We have highlighted two online resources for backcountry safety courses, and want to highlight one more. OpenSnow, the weather forecasting site we all love, now includes avalanche reports. They will be providing real time Avalanche Forecasts for the United States and Canada.


SkiMag released The Best Ski Bindings of the Year this week. Featured are the names you would expect: Marker Jester, Salomon STH, Look Pivot, etc…. However, we feel that Mike Rogge has a point…

We may be biased because we have been loyal Pivot riders for a handful of seasons now.


Another week of telling yourself you are going to get ready for the season = another week on the couch eating chips and watching movie trailers. People are skiing out west and it’s time to get moving. Honestly this is more to motivate us than you…

It is time to increase the intensity. Get out for that run, knock out those push ups. If you followed through and purchased the bands and the jump rope, it’s time to include those.

Don’t forget your warm up. Get those hips loose, use the bands to warm up with some band walks. Here is a simple workout to get you moving.

21 - jumping jacks, air squats, push ups

50 single under jump ropes

15 - jumping jacks, air squats, push ups

50 single under jump ropes

9 - jumping jacks, air squats, push ups

50 single under jump ropes.


  • The Storm Skiing Journal & Podcast dropped another incredibly informative piece on Vermont’s strict regulations for the season

  • Over 100,000 people rushed to reserve a spot when the Epic reservation system opened last week. Other than the wait we heard the process was pretty easy. Let’s hope that is a good sign for this season.

  • If you are a backcountry skier in need of new gear, the TS Avalanche Rescue Package from Backcountry Access includes everything you need. If you are feeling lucky, you can enter to win the package on FREESKIER's website.

  • FREESKIER’s Buyer's Guide is out. We used to build our Christmas list out of this guide every year. We will feature some of our favorites in the coming weeks


Henrik Harlaut has finally released his two year project. “Salute is a project of passion that aims to be back to the core of freestyle skiing. Looking to the past while always pushing into the future. Featuring: Henrik Harlaut, Oystein Braaten, Karl Frosvedt, and more”

Michelle Parker is back with the second season of Originate. She absolutely rips and is one of our favorite skiers to follow.

“I just want to ski, man. Skiing feels so good.” Matchstick brings yet another banger this year with HUCK YEAH! This trailer gave us chills

Thank you guys for checking out another edition of the Groomer’s Report. As always, if you would like to give us some money, have any questions, or want to collaborate feel free to send us a message at groomerbob@groomersreport.com

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