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Huge Storm on the East Coast

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You might be thinking “Groomer’s Report on a Friday?! Awesome!” We are on the same page. Thursdays can be hectic so we wanted to bring you fresh ski news, but now on Fridays.

Weather Updates:

Chris Tomer brings this week’s weather update.

Winter Tailgating:

Ski lodges all across the globe are shut down due to COVID-19. Some select ski areas are letting their patrons tailgate in the parking lot in lieu of the usual lodge experience. We wanted to highlight a few things you are going to want in your truck this season to make the tailgating more enjoyable.

Water / Other Drinks:

There are two major items that will help out this winter: a good cooler, and insulated thermos/mugs. The cooler will keep your beer and water cold but not frozen, and the thermos will give you something warm to come to during those cold, snowy days. No need to break the budget and go with a Yeti (unless Yeti wants to sponsor us… then yeah, go with the Yeti).


Long days of skiing will tire out those legs so you are going to want a few extra seats. Folding tailgate chairs are easy to find and will do the trick. Pack a few for your friends so you can enjoy a beverage at the end of the day.

Extra Gear:

Make sure to pack extra gloves, socks, and other layers in order to keep warm on a cold or wet day. If you run cold you are definitely going to want these. Getting inside won’t be as easy this season, so don’t ruin a day by forgetting your layers. Include some blankets and power block for charging phones and you are on your way to a good day.


Pack it in, pack it out. Bring some trash bags so you can take your trash with you. No one wants to hang out in a trashed parking lot. Maybe toss in a pair of jumper cables… I am sure someone will need them this season.

A Massive Nor’Easter:

The East was recently blessed with a massive winter storm with areas of Pennsylvania, New York, and New England getting over 40 inches of snow.

We are hoping for many more deep days this season.

Last Minute Gifts:

Looking for a last minute gift for that skier/snowboarder in your life? We have a few suggestions below. They might not come in time, but they will definitely be useful this season.

Boot Dryers: There is nothing worse than putting your feet into wet cold boots. This season it is especially important to have dry boots since you won’t be able to sneak inside and warm up by the fire. We suggest ordering boot dryers to make sure that your boots are always ready for the day.

Ski Turning Kit: We aren’t out of the weeds with COVID yet. Stay inside on the days you can’t ski and learn how to tune your own gear. I learned years ago and have been doing my own gear ever since. A tuning kit is a great last minute present that one can use for seasons to come.

Magazine Subscription: If you aren’t up to learning how to tune your own gear, read up on what is going on in the ski world. Support ski media. Growing up I always grabbed skiing magazines when we were on the road. I would cut pictures out and decorate my walls, dreaming of the next day I could get on the hill. If you are looking to go this route, we suggest Mountain Gazette. The magazine is in the early stages of revival and we are stoked to see the future of it.


The Green Mountain range in Vermont is home to the Vermont 100, also known as the Skier’s Highway. This stretch links over 30 ski resorts and villages which is home to some of the best skiers. As midwesterners, we appreciate the crazy characters located in these small ski towns.

Bobby Brown escaped from the park and absolutely sends it in this backcountry edit.

Another gem from Salomon Freeski TV. Check this out today to get ready for the weekend.

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